You should get paid for your newsletter. #truestory

If you have a paid newsletter, or would like to start one, PicoMail is for you. PicoMail is the only service dedicated exclusively to getting newsletter creators paid. And it works with your existing mail service.

PicoMail handles all the billing for your newsletter in a simple, clean, and easy to use manner. There is no website to setup, no WordPress plugin to install, none of that hassle.

Newsletter Subscription Payments

For your users, it’s so simple they’ll never really notice us. They signup and pay you (straight to you!), and can manage & update their billing & subscription info any time.

Signup and billing takes less than 20 seconds - this easy, rapid experience increases conversion rates.

For you, I like to think of PicoMail as a near dream-come-true. You can be up and collecting payments for your newsletter in about 15 minutes. It works with your existing Mailchimp or Sendfox accounts.

The all-in-one subscription solution for newsletters.

We’ve got you covered from end to end. From payment & signup, to updating billing information, to expired cards, to invoices, and even cancellations.

PicoMail has it covered.

PicoMail helps keep you on track.

Your dashboard isn’t just for your users. It’s for you, too. We help keep you on track by displaying all the important information about your business. Monthly-Recurring-Revenue (mrr), subscriber counts, unsubscribe history, etc - it’s all there on your dash.

Ditch the spreadsheets and let PicoMail keep you informed about how your newsletter is doing.


picomail has one plan

unlimited subscribers

PicoMail has everything you need to sell subscriptions to your newsletter

It’s easy (and free!) to get started with;

  • Unlimited subscription options for your subscribers,
  • Optimized & simple checkout experience with easy billing dash for your subscribers,
  • All in one solution for subscriber management,
  • Easy to digest dashboard analytics keeping you on track,
  • Keep using your existing email sending provider - we support MailGun & SendFox. (more coming soon!)

So how does Pico Mail work?

For you:
Create as many newsletters & billing options as you want, and then simply provide a link to signup on your site, your newsletter, instagram, whever!

For your users:
When they click the link to subscribe, they’ll immediate be able to enter their payment details and checkout. they’ll instantly be subscribed.

We even handle on-signup edge cases payment failures, invalid card details, etc adding them to a list so you can recover those users later.

Ready to start getting paid for your newsletter?

PicoMail is free for 14 days

picomail has one plan $29/m

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Newsletters
  • Unlimited Coupon Codes
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Your Branding
  • API and Webhook Access
  • SSL Security Everywhere
  • Get paid with Stripe
  • Mailgun & Send Fox
  • Zapier Support
Coming May 24th 14 day free trial

Do I need a Mailgun or SendFox account?
Yep. PicoMail manages your billing, subscriptions, cancelations, and so on. You’ll keep sending your emails with the same great tools you always did, only now you get paid.

How do payments work?
Payments are handeled directly by Stripe, and sent straight to you. We connect to your Stripe account and manage it all from our end, making sure you get paid, without the hassle.

Do you take any payment fees?
No way! PicoMail charges a simple, fair, flat fee for our service. Nothing more.

Do you take any payment fees?
No way! PicoMail charges a simple, fair, flat fee for our service. Nothing more.

What tools do you integrate with?
Because we have a Zapier app and offer webhooks, we can integrate with almost anything. We have some users who use webhooks to add roles in Discord, auto publish Tweets, all sorts of things.

Can I try it for free?
For sure. PicoMail has always and will always have a free trial to help you decide how it can best work for you. Give it a try!

Is PicoMail right for me?
If you want to send a paid newsletter, and use or will use SendFox or Mailchimp, then PicoMail is absolutely the tool for you.

I have other questions.
That’s awesome! Drop an email to and you’ll get a response in no time ~ish. Less than 24 hours for sure.